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C Y B E R    C I T Y

Take great photos in our CYBER CITY!

For our hardcore film fans, you can upgrade your day pass to visit

CYBER CITY. Inside , we will be building

a Cyber Punk Street Scene.

Each attendee can solve a mystery. By asking Cyber Actors questions you will be able to track down the answer.

If you enjoy anime/ films like:

Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Brazil, 1984, Terminator, 

Dark City, Mad Max, Judge Dredd, The Matrix, Hardware,


Escape from New York, Bubblegum Crisis, 

RoboCop, Armitage III

then this is the EVENT for you!


  The mega corporation "GENOM" has been building and creating cyber robots and people for decades.  Many residents of Cyber City have been using Genom's tech to modify their bodies . While others adapt GENOM'S robots and people to their personal needs. The government and GENOM have decided to "SWEEP" ( jail or execute) anyone or thing that has been changedfrom their original design.Rogue biker gangscontrol the streets.