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The following are allowed:

  • Regular-sized costumes; no oversize due to space.
  • Costumes with appropriate footwear; must have a hard sole.

Not Allowed:

  • Costumes that are overly revealing, gory, or deemed inappropriate or offensive by staff.
  • projectiles of any kind.
  • Harassing others, or aggressive behavior, real or implied.

Prop Weapons:

  • All prop weapons must be checked-in prior to entry to the Con. Toy guns will be marked by Con staff.
  • Prop weapons must be obviously fake, inoperable, and should be made of lightweight materials.
  • Any sharpened props are prohibited.

These guidelines apply to every person in costume. With the exception of makeup, masks must be removable and done so at Orange Public Library staff request. Staff have the right to modify these rules on the spot. The REPLICON staff reserves the right to refuse entry or ask any person to leave at any time due to an inappropriate costume. Cosplay is not consent, please treat others with respect.  

Please email us for any questions. You can also email us pictures for any concerns.  


Kenneth J Hall

Guest Cosplay Judge

   has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years.   

  Rei Kennex

Guest Cosplay Judge  

actress / singer

We have four trophies.

Best Costume:

1st, 2nd ,3rd

& honorable mention.

Winners will also get to choose from sponsored prizes.